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Financial Distress

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Predict and identify customers at risk of falling into financial distress

Our Emerging Financial Distress Engine allows you to accurately predict and discern customers who are at risk of falling into financial distress before it happens, allowing you to use data to drive decision making on your portfolio and better manage your customers financial health. As well as being good for customers, being able to discern financial distress highlights users as having an ethical stance. As solvent customers are also cheaper to service than those with ongoing financial issues, being able to identify financial distress has the result of lowering operational costs.

DirectID can illustrate Emerging Financial Distress in a customer by examining their discretionary and non-discretionary spending to calculate if there are trends that could point to forthcoming distress.

How it Works

1. Customers connect their account through the widget.

2. DirectID then discerns your customers income, financial outlook and spending habits.

3. Through our machine learning solution, DirectID can flag customers who may be at risk of falling into financial distress, allowing you to take preventative measures prior to it becoming a factor.

Key Benefits & Features

Our machine learning Emerging Financial Distress Engine gives your business the edge. Allowing you to flag customers who are at risk of falling into financial distress before it even happens.

Gain a visual overview of your customers finances.

Verify customer income and classify their spending habits.

Identify "at risk" customers and act quickly.

Save Time & Money

Servicing customers who are in persistent debt is expensive and prohibitively expensive. Understanding who may be at risk and then helping them to chart a course out of debt is considerably cheaper. Our Emerging Financial Distress Engine gives you the power to act quickly.

Provide Great Customer Service

Customers now demand better service than at any other time. With multiple options readily available for any financial product, giving great customer service is a must for any financial product.

Provide Evidence to Regulators

Regulations are becoming stricter on safeguarding vulnerable customers. Financial institutions must be able to evidence to regulators what they are doing to ensure the financial health of customers.

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