Income Verification Engine.

Verify income with real-time visibility.

Powering the world's biggest brands.

Calculated Income

Providing an income figure for each customer, going beyond vague income match flags.

Confidence score

Delivering a confidence score to support our calculated income figure. So you can make a decision with confidence.

Income Streams

Get the full picture with a view on different income sources with a view of consistency and recurrence.

Real-time Visibility on Income.

Giving you all the information you need on an applicant's income to make a confident decision.

Identify a variety of Income streams.

Identify singular or recurring income from a variety of sources including salary, part-time income, gig-economy work, pensions and benefits.

Available as an API.

Access transaction data through our platform or bring your own source. With our API, the choice is yours.

How it works

Whether you use our platform to access customer data, or have your own transaction data source, the income verification engine gives you the power to make faster and more confident decisions.
With our Connect Widget your customers can seamlessly connect their bank account.
From their bank statement information we can understand what their income is.
We verify the income of an applicant and allocate it a confidence score.

Make fairer decisions

Verify Income from a diverse range of sources, helping you make an informed credit risk decision.

Be confident in your results

Understand income granularity, regularity and consistency, allowing you to make decisions with the utmost confidence

Real-time data

With the ability to refresh customer data for 90 days, you can always have a real-time view on their income.

Time & resource saving

Remove paper statements and lengthy processes from your underwriting - simply view the data and make a decision.

Powerful use cases

Explore our powerful use cases. We provide easy zero-integration solutions with direct access to your customers bank data and instant financial insights into your customers.

Explore our Use Cases

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