Getting Started with DirectID

Getting started with DirectID couldn't be easier. Speak with a member of our dedicated team today.

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FCA Authorised, ICO Registered

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1. Consultation Call

An initial call to understand your key pain points and identify potential product fit, along with your likely usage rates, authorisation requirements, and a NDA if required.

2. Contracts And

We present a bespoke DirectID package based on your unique requirements, complete AISP passporting if required, and complete any due-diligence processes.

3. Setup And Onboarding

Our dedicated Customer Success team sets up your package in 2 working days, provides your team with live accounts, and schedules onboarding and training calls.

Get Started By Booking Your Consultation Call Today

Get your consultation call today and start using bank data to make real-time decisions in a matter of days. Our specialist can run you through our entire product suite and work with you to understand if DirectID is the right fit for your business and offerings.

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