Our Platform.

All the tools you need to quickly start utilising Open Banking.

Make better underwriting decisions with up to 12 months of real-time financial data.

Connect in 30 seconds

Following a 30 second customer journey you can get up to 12 months of real-time transaction data.

Zero integration

Start making decisions with Open Banking in days with our zero integration solution.

13,000+ bank connections

Get instant access to 13,000+ banks in over 45 countries. Giving you access to 1.5bn people across the globe.


Give your customers a seamless, low integration method to share their real-time transaction data with you.
  • Zero integration for easy set up.
  • Connections to UK Open Banking, PSD2 & other international accounts.
  • Access up to 12 months of your customers data in 30 seconds.
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Data API

One single, unified API for accessing bank data with over 13,000+ connections. Super aggregation like never before.
  • Access 1.5bn people across 45 countries with one single API.
  • Normalised and enriched data to help you understand your customer.
  • Access all available data from financial institutions.
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Dashboard & Reporting Tools

Make better decisions with your customer's transaction data, accessible through our dashboard.

With zero integration, your underwriters can quickly access an end user's real-time transaction data, alongside our suite of insights.

Reduce cost

Reduce the operational costs and risk associated with manual underwriting.

Real-time data

Utilise enriched credit risk data to make more confident decisions in real-time.

Global coverage

The largest aggregator of bank data on the market.

No code integrations

Access your customers data without any technical requirements.

How it works

Customer shares their transaction data through the DirectID Connect widget.
You can retrieve the enriched data through the API.
Agents and underwriters can instantly view the real-time data in the Dashboard.

It's how you use the data that counts

Through working with bank data for over ten years, we know that the real value comes from the insights. We've spent our years investing in our data science capabilities so you don't have to.
Explore our insight engines to start making faster and more confident credit risk decisions.
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Opening up a world of opportunity

We have over 13,000+ business and consumer bank connections across the globe. With access to 1.5bn potential users in over 45+ countries, partnering with DirectID gives you a robust foundation for international growth and scale.


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Powerful use cases

Explore our powerful use cases. We provide easy zero-integration solutions with direct access to your customers bank data and instant financial insights into your customers.

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