Bank account verification

Ensure that when you send money, it goes to the person you want it to.

Verify provided account details in seconds

Bank account verification allows you to quickly match the details of an account, such as sort code and account number, to details provided by your customer.

Multiple formats

We compare various numerical account identifiers (IBAN, routing number, account number, sort code) to the data provided by both the end user and the financial institution.

Insightful responses

The response you receive from bank account verification tells you what was matched. You can then make an informed decision based on your risk appetite.

Developer first solution

Results are returned though the API, allowing you to integrate into your existing platforms and workflows that support HTTP protocol.

3rd party integration

We can intergrate with 3rd parties to provides a seamless onboarding experience.

Account verification service

Simply verify account ownership by calling the account verification API.

Verified data

Open banking data comes directly from banks and financial institutions. The data is real-time, accurate, and verified.

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Our platform

The DirectID platform gives you all the tools you need to capture consent, access transaction data and view detailed insights on your customer's financial behaviours.


A guided user-interface to capture consent, verify and connect to bank accounts, and share transaction data.

Data APIs

The pipelines for transferring and accessing normalised bank data, from your customer's bank account into any platform.


An accurate, real-time view of your customer's financial data, enriched with intelligent credit & risk insights.

Advanced credit & risk insights


Assess how much your customer can afford to repay. Use enriched data to identify income, and fixed vs flexible spend.


Assess how much your customer can afford to repay. Use enriched data to identify income, and fixed vs flexible spend.

Income verification

Verify your customer's income across all income streams, whether it's salaried wages, freelance earnings or benefits.

Categorisation & classification

Cut through the noise of a bank statement and understand how and where your customers spend their money.

Emerging financial distress

Identify emerging financial distress to enable early intervention before your customer defaults.

SME financial health

See the balance trend of an SME’s accounts with a view on income, stability and fluctuations. View the money a business earns, spends and saves on a regular basis.

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