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The Problem

Understanding market trends and forces are key for your business as you navigate your way through today’s testing environment. The data currently supplied by credit reference agencies is retrospective and gives limited information on how a particular cohort of the population will behave.

The Solution

Having knowledge of your potential customer base and their behaviours can help you to strategically segment and market to them, consider product design and launch and build pipeline. For current customers also, market insights provided by Open Banking offers the information relevant for forward-looking decisioning.

Start Utilising Market Insights

Whether your business is entering new markets and requires a real-time view on current market forces, or you wish to maintain a better understanding of prospective customer cohorts and their financial behaviours, the DirectID platform will provide the foundations for your growth decisions.

Derive meaningful insights from vast data sets.

Understand the financial behaviours of large customer cohorts in real-time.

Our insight engines are built upon the analysis of over 200m+ transactions.

Prepare for market entry with detailed insights on emerging trends.

Make forward-looking decisions.

Strategically segment customer cohorts to inform product development.

Personal Loan Services

A top 5 lender in online lending services uses Open Banking data to provide a frictionless application and fast funding process. During the application phase, applicants are prompted to securely share their transaction data through the DirectID consent widget. A detailed view of the individual’s financial profile is then visible to underwriters in as little as 30 seconds, providing verification of account ownership, income and expenditure, and a magnitude of other affordability indicators.

Using Open Banking data to gather this information eliminated fraudulent applications, removed the guesswork associated with manual underwriting, and reduced the application to acceptance turnaround time, all without impacting the individuals credit score.

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James Varga, CEO, DirectID

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